How to submit a paper

Original contributions can be submitted to PEPE by sending a paper as pdf attachment of an email to one of the two research area coordinators (RACs) of one of EAEPE's research areas.

Research Areas (RAs) and the email addresses of their coordinators can be found here.

Papers have to submitted in camera-ready form, including all tables and diagrams. The font has to be 'Times New Roman', 12 point; footnotes should appear on the same page;
first page with paper title, author(s) name and a brief abstract (half page at most), followed by keywords and JEL classification; the list of references at the end. The cover page before the first page will be added by the PEPE team.
Please take a look at PEPE 2010-2 (Karin Knottenbauer's paper) to imitate the required format.

Once a paper has been sent to a RAC the RAC will evaluate it, and will decide to either 'accept', 'accept with changes', or 'rejecct' the paper.
In the first case ('accept') the RAC will send the paper to the editorial team, which will assign a second referee.
In the second and third case the RAC will respond directly with a brief referee report to the author(s).
As soon as both referee evaluations are received the editorial team will reconcile the evaluations, and will inform the author(s).

Once the working paper is published at the website it cannot be revised. It will be free for download, and the email address of the corresponding author will be linked on the PEPE website to ease communication. Our authors have to agree to these rules of electronic publication.

As can be seen, our rules are as simple as possible to enable concentration on the content of the paper itself. We do hope that with this new initiative we can attract many researchers - as contributors and as readers.

The editorial team of PEPE
Hardy Hanappi (Scientific Development Plan Officer of EAEPE), Maria Lissowska, Ioanna Minoglou