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RA W 1 Bernard, Gevorkyan, Palley & Semmler 2010 Time Scales and Economic Cycles: The Contributions of Kondratieff, Kuznets, Schumpeter, Goodwin, Kaldor and Minsky
RA V 2 Knottenbauer 2010 Recent Developments in Evolutionary Biology and Their Relevance for Evolutionary Economics
RA D 3 Sallusti & Adessi 2010 Heterogeneity and specificity of knowledge: a model of governance choice
RA W 4 Archibugi, Filippetti & Frenz 2010 Economic downturn and investment in innovation: Is accumulation more creative than destruction?
RA X 5 von Proff & Dettmann 2010 Inventor collaboration over distance – a comparison of academic and corporate patents
RA E 6 Coad 2011 Firms as Bundles of Discrete Resources - Towards an Explanation of the Exponential Distribution of Firm Growth Rates
RA P 7 Piluso 2012 The rationale for different exchange rate policies Italy and France after World War II
RA T 8 Blancas 2012 The Ricardian Vice: A Schumpeter’s vision about the way in which policy makers make policy nowadays
RA W 9 Hanappi 2012 Can Europe survive? Ten Commandments for Europe’s Next Ten Years
RA I 10 Lissowska 2013 The deficit of cooperative attitudes and trust in post-transition economies
RA J 11 Aldegwy & Thiemann 2015 How Economics Got it Wrong: Formalism, Equilibrium Modelling and Pseudo-Optimization in Banking Regulatory Studies
12 Ando 2017 Brexit: A new institutional economics perspective